Book published!

My monograph Education, Value and Ethics in International Heritage: Learning to Respect has just been published by Ashgate. As with many things in life, it took a little longer than anticipated, but hopefully it is all the better for that.

This book discusses perceptions of values and ethics, authenticity and significance, and documents the historical, heritage and education context in North America, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, with a particular emphasis on Aotearoa New Zealand. I explore whether it is possible to learn respect for differing cultural perspectives through the undertaking of educational programmes, identifies various approaches that could complement the development of students and professionals in the cultural heritage and preservation sectors, and offers a means of actively engaging with cultural and professional values through a Taxonomy for Respecting Heritage and Values.

As well as these specific countries, I explore a range of communities, as you can see from the contents list:

Preface; Introduction; Concepts of engagement in Aotearoa New Zealand; Concepts of engagement in the wider context; Values and ethics from an international perspective; Defining values, exploring ethics; Authenticity and significance; Education and heritage; The intersection of museums and communities; Language and context for understanding; Communicating values: affective principles; Conclusions; Bibliography; Index.

You can download the full contents list, as well as the introduction and index from the Ashgate website.

And here’s what it looks like!

Image of book cover

Order your copy from Ashgate for 10% discount.


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